A visit from a dear friend this morning left me fuming…she was in JOY about her pregnancy, yet tears came to her eyes when she shared with me how so many people were angry with her for sharing the news of her pregnancy. She was told she was breaking the “rules”, that she should not be telling anyone for some months yet!


Life is fleeting at best – we do not have any guarantee of our next breath, so who are we to make this moment, even the next,  a moment of sadness, of squashing joy, just because something may happen in the next moment that may bring an absence of joy.

Life is for living and for living with joy.

YES there are sad, painful, traumatic moments – they pass too.

Humans seem to be experts in taking a moment of trauma, sadness and pain and making a story about it, then dragging it around with them for the next day, week, month or years.  We add to the story, lots of other stories of pain, trauma and sadness and soon we find we are burdened with old past stuff.

People seem to be so tied up in their story, sadness, pain and trauma they do not even notice the joy, or perhaps society has been so effective, that we were not allowed to feel any joy.

People are losing out when they live their life believing they cannot experience joy because the next moment may be sad.  They have limited and restricted their potential and their joy.  It is a lie people believe they cannot be joy filled. 

This “mum to be” is ecstatic to be pregnant.  She is realistic and knows that “life happens”, she knows that there is a possibility that anything can happen,  yet right in this moment she is expressing her joy.  I applaud her.   I am excited for her and more excited from THIS PERSPECTIVE…..

…….Every emotion that a woman experiences when you carry a babe within her, every feeling she has, (and for that matter the father to) the babe feels this and the chemicals of those emotions are imprinted within their DNA as they are forming.
Even more reason to express the joy, happiness and anticipation of what is to come. 
Dr Bruce Lipton speaks of this – https://www.brucelipton.com/blog/how-does-the-mothers-emotional-well-being-impact-the-child-within-her-womb   &  https://www.brucelipton.com/resource/article/happy-healthy-child-holistic-approach

I know this to be true – I experienced depression whilst carrying one of my children and that child has had challenges around all the issues that were behind and underlying the depression.
I also stood with one of my babies in my arms as they were dying, and all I could feel was among the sadness, was a will for that child to make it, and a deep gratitude for the 3 months we had experienced, for the joy brought.  Looking back now I realise if I had been in fear, anger, or sadness there may well have been a different outcome, and it would have set the scene for if things had come to an end.
How we feel in this moment, how we respond to what is happening RIGHT NOW is the energy we take to the next moment. 

So how do we feel joy

  • when others are telling us we should not?,
  • if we do not really know what joy is?
  • when life seems to be throwing at us everything that could go wrong?
  • our relationships are struggling or falling apart?
  • nothing we ever do works out?
  1. Start by listening to your thoughts.
  2. Start by noticing the things in life you DO have – food, clothing, shelter, friend’s maybe, etc. 

Help is there if you reach out.  I was a person who did not know how to be joyful; today my life is Joy Filled.  It is NOT without sadness, trauma or pain, I just do not live there anymore –
I found a way out, and with guidance, you too can find your way out, and I can guide you, as I have been guided.