Do you feel trapped in the mire of life struggles, exhaustion and burdens?
Does the idea of stepping out of the muck to ascend Mastery Mountain sound good?

Be surprised how light you feel as you come step by step out of the muck that has sucked you into this mire.

Effort and Self control plays just a little role in transformation.  What carries greater weight is creating commitment with love and respect for ourselves along with a deep desire to change something in our life.

One of the reasons you enter into situations that are not healthy, or are destructive comes from not knowing who you are and not loving who you are, right now.
Have you been brought up having their unique flame fanned out, or at the least put under a shade?
Do you live your life according to:

  • how you “think” others think about you?
  • how you think they want you to live or how you want to live?
  • what you think you would please others – especially your nearest and dearest ?

Depending on your circumstances growing up, it may have been made very clear to you that there were certain things that were acceptable, and those that weren’t.  Did you know that those things are another’s beliefs or values?  It may be that you agree with some of them and are happy with them, but many will not serve you in any way and others will be detrimental to your wellness and success.

When you think about something that happened to you as a child, something you saw, or believed to be true and ask yourself right now if that is still happening to you, if it is really applicable in your life still, now or at all, do you notice that you might be living in the past; in the mire?
So often you drag into tomorrow thoughts about things that have happened you in the past and they are not happening anymore and that you have grown beyond that situation – how freeing to realise you do not need to keep thinking about and responding to life as if they were still happening.

So how do you transform these limitations and unhealthy ways of living?  How do you free yourself from the muck and mire of your past, and the past of those around you?

  • Start by noticing where you are now, how you got there and working out where you would like to be.
  • Start noticing your patterns, your thoughts and the words you use to speak to yourself and others
  • Start taking small steps in the direction You WANT to go and focusing on what You want, rather than what you have now, or do not want.
  • Learn to change the way you think about things and people to discover how these change.

Each of these steps is achievable; each step is done in an order that is specific for you and your situation.
Support is available as you seek to transform your life in alignment with your purpose with respect and love for yourself along with a commitment and honoring of your journey.