• Do you feel stuck in your pain?
  • Are you weary, or just exhausted by the life you are living?
  • Tried everything else – what have you got to lose?

Our lives are complicated, our bodies complex – add these two and we know that our health imbalances are an accumulation of many years.  Healing and Wholeness is a journey – a journey you do not have to do alone or unsupported or with limited knowledge.

Maybe it is that you know there is nothing too wrong or broken… just a niggle, a knowing that things could be working better in your body or life, things need looking at. It’s not the kind of thing you would go to the doctor for though – doctors are great at broken arms and emergencies, but if you show up with a vague sense that something is not right… and they’re often at a loss.

Healing comes through realigning the natural and life sustaining mechanisms that lie within.

  • Organ, or body part,
  • Deep or on the surface,
  • Intense or mild
  • Recent or long standing,
  • Specific location, or generalised

Your pain can be coming from another part of your body – even a “far away part” and it can be coming from your thoughts, your mind.
Your pain can also come from traumas from the past (physical, emotional or mental) – ones you no longer remember – we can discover the key to unlock your pain triggers.
When we discover and balance the hidden aspects of your pain, we are deleting the destructive and painful programming as we go.

  • There may be other contributing factors, which come to light as we journey, signs that we have not seen before. This is normal, it is like digging for treasure, there are often nuggets or pockets near the surface and as we get nearer the source the shifts are more significant.

The ideal is to journey to the source and root it out at the core.