PAIN.…comes from many places, and most of the time, more than one source is contributing to your pain.
Physical, emotional and mental pain all impact our lives and they can be so intertwined that they appear seamless.  You can have pain because of a lack of vitamins or minerals in your body.   Check out this great article
You think you are limited, you may think there is nothing that can be done to make a difference, to change, to have a better experience of life.

  • You have cells of many types and in many forms, fluids, bones, fat, blood, bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses inside you.
  • You have experiences, thoughts, accidents, upsets, irritations, traumas, joys, pleasure, all varieties of emotions and feelings.
  • You have challenges, breakthroughs, blocks and resistances.

You are only limited to the extent you choose. 

You can make a difference, be different and have a different or better experience of life.  

We address all the above factors – not just the mechanics of the body,
 because of this we get results.

Chronic pain can be described as pain lasting three months or more. It is much more personal, based on the individual experiences of pain, of tolerance levels and other external factors, and not so easily described as acute pain. Chronic pain seems somewhat resistant to medical treatment in many cases.

Typically acute pain comes on suddenly and is short lived, although everyone’s perception of time differs!  It’s frequently caused by damage to tissue such as bone, muscle, or organs, and the onset is often accompanied by anxiety or emotional distress.

Both acute and chronic pain can weaken a person, physically and emotionally, and both can affect and be affected by a person’s state of mind.

Chronic pain by nature tends to have greater psychological consequences such as depression and anxiety due to the fact that it’s ongoing and in some cases seems almost constant.  It is known that psychological distress can amplify pain.  So as we bring wholeness, harmony and balance to the body all aspects of a person, and their life are taken into account.

Pain from tissue damage can be acute. Sports injuries like a sprained ankle or turf toe are often the result of damage to soft tissue. Or it can be chronic, such as arthritis or chronic headaches. Certain medical treatments, such as radiation for cancer, can also cause tissue damage which results in pain.
Nerves function like electric cables transmitting information, including pain signals, to and from the brain. Nerve damage often interferes with the way the information and signals are transmitted and cause distorted or abnormal signals or wrong information, or even information going to the wrong place.
Diabetes, trauma, chemotherapy drugs may cause nerve damage, strokes, infections can all be behind nerve pain.
Some people with nerve damage are often hypersensitive to temperature and to touch. Just a light touch, such as the touch of a bed sheet, can set off the pain.

Our emotions affect our pain levels and locations, just as our pain affects our emotions.  

  • Your physical body has wisdom all its own…AND it operates in spite of our mind wisdom.  If we listened more to our body wisdom we would be healthier and happier.
  • Your body works for you in every way, letting you know if something is going wrong, with your life or thinking in the form of symptoms, illness or disease.  

Pain or no pain, healthy or poor health, we can find things percolating under the surface of your feelings and thoughts, chemicals & hormones that are affecting your life and health in some way.

“In modern medicine, the thinking is, your doctor knows best about what you need—and here, this pill will fix your problem.
Using the energetic systems of the body, we know that YOUR body knows best about what you need—we identify what that is and remind your body how to change your situation.  This may take several visits, with each one taking us deeper towards your true self clearing the  challenges and blocks as we go.
You are the one actually doing the healing.
With new understandings of what your body has been trying to tell you, and greater awareness of what you can do to make a difference you will notice change.

  • We cannot change someone’s destiny.
  • We can help the body-mind be more comfortable in moving towards this destiny.

For some people, this means a shift that we call a healing; for some it might bring some awareness and insight, but little or no change at the physical level.
​For others it can be both and profound.