• How badly do you have to feel, how sad, how desperate, before you will ask for help?
  • Are you standing in a bit of sunshine looking into what seems like the darkness and unknown of your life, afraid to move in-case you get sucked into that black hole?
  • Or are you standing in a black hole peering out at the little you can see and wondering if you can cope because you have been in the dark so long you feel different and are afraid you will not be accepted?

You deserve to be happy. 
Sadness comes and goes – it is a part of life, however if it is flavoring, permeating and soaking your life – something is not right!

I can just about guarantee that you do not like to see your friends, children or significant other unhappy and you are most likely doing EVERYTHING for them so they can be happy….WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Do you think it may be time for YOU, that you could respect yourself as much as you do others and take just a little corner of a day, a little time to feel the warmth, love and care from another that you are so good at giving to others?

You know how much others appreciate you listening to them, giving them time etc…..and you possibly think, “Why does no-one care about me?”

Can I share a secret, or two, with you?

Did you know that the key to your happiness lies in you respecting yourself, in giving to YOU, in taking time for YOU.  Yes I know it is sad that others could be nicer, give you time, listen to you and support you just like you do for them……

here is another secret…..

Until YOU realise that things are just going to stay the same and you will always be unhappy, the world will pass you by and you will miss out on all the fun, until you accept that things cannot get any worse than they are, or that they will, and are willing to take action NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

Until YOU decide that no-one else is going to take care of you and help you to be happy, and that it is up to YOU, then, and only then will things change.  The good newsis that you do NOT have to this alone, yet you must make that choice alone – it is YOURS to make.

You see, we can live for years, knowing we are not happy, feeling sad, lost, lonely, unheard and unappreciated, and things can get worse, or just stay the same, HOWEVER there is something inside of you that is screaming sadness, unhappiness, of “how much more can I take?”

That something MUST be listened to.

You can choose to take more – the human body and mind has fantastic capacity for pain and suffering…….OR you can choose to reach out – to learn the steps, the dance, the journey into the sunshine.

By choosing to take action, you can feel the warmth of your smile, coming from INSIDE and radiating out, you can feel the lightness in your step as you shed the burdens that weigh you down, that drag you through the muck and even make you stuck.  You can feel the love, nurture and support that you give and you can feel and know respect, for yourself, and know resilience.

I would like to take you on a journey – either to look out from your life at the potentials, or to look within to the signposts that are asking to be seen.  Learn to be present with who YOU are, to get to know YOU and to know a measure of happiness you may only have dreamed of, or thought possible for everyone, but you.