Teamwork ensures the family Thrives and stays connected!

What I learned to become a Great Role Model for my Kids and an inspiration to other parents.

  1. It is NOT too late to start to become a healthy role model.
  2. Seek help for yourself, learn to be fulfilled, more joyful and content.
  3. Admit you do not have all the answers and we do not have it all together – this is not a weakness, it is unspoken permission to own the truth and help our children learn that it is okay not to know it all, but vital to ask for help.
  4. Accepting support and assistance to make changes to transform the family dynamics for better – better relationships with your loved ones.

As an adult are you experiencing joy, peace and contentment and fulfilment in your life?

When we are fulfilled and content our children are too.

 If you are also a parent do you think your desire for your child to be happy is realistic if you are not? 

Children learn by example – what they see, hear and sense as they spend time with us. 

Something I observed as a parent with young children is that they are extremely sensitive and perceptive – especially to the moods, unspoken words and desires of their parent or caregiver.

Children know when we, as parents

  • are not happy,
  • we are not being true to ourselves,
  • we are not being truthful,

yet because they have not yet learnt the ability to discern, to speak their thoughts and observations of these deeper things and witness our anger and frustration

they either

  • become angry
  • remain silent, withdrawn, burdened with these feelings and what they witness or
  • they externalise these feelings through their behaviour, which we tend to label as “bad”, acting out disobedient, unruly, obnoxious, rude and so forth.

As an adult when we know someone is not content, is not truthful, is not looking after their own needs (self-care) we can find the words to call them on these things, to encourage them to look at and address the situation.

Children do not have the skills, cognition or wisdom to do this and will do whatever they have to get our attention, of block it out – either way this has damaging and detrimental effects on their adult life as the unprocessed and buried emotions and beliefs impact every relationship they have.

So how on earth do we teach our children to be the person that is content, courageous, strong, inspiring, true to themselves and others, respectful of themselves and others?

We live it before them, we lead by example, we be the person we desire them to be!  Open, respectful, confident, courageous, resilient and happy in themselves.

If we are not that or do not know how to be that, then we can find someone who can support us to become that and as we learn, grow and become that awesome person, we assist our children through the journey we take – showing them the way.

Together we can create the relationships we want with our loved ones

There is nothing more powerful than a parent, learning new skills with our children – for they will watch and learn – they come on board, and often give us support and encouragement as we change, pull us up when we trip up, remind us when we are falling off the rails, just like we do for them.  This is NOT about them taking on the role of mentor and teacher, but encouraging them to start noticing you AND themselves, all in it together, learning, growing, changing, transforming the things that do not work, that cause you all to be miserable, fight, and not face your challenges; as you share the learning process  you change together, celebrate together and enjoy a connection and feeling of family you may not have known prior to this.

As a parent life threw me some curved balls, depression, a child who had a medical condition that was life-threatening, more depression, relationship issues, and weight issues, lack of self-worth, upsetting other people, being rejected and downright miserable.

All these things brought to the surface the deep-seated self-worth issues, the knowledge and understanding that I did not know what it was to be happy, or how to be happy, I did not know what love was – the love that is accepting, cooperative, collaborative and allows a person to just be themselves and express themselves freely.

The more I witnessed my own dysfunction reflected in my children’s unhappiness, confusion, hurt and their confidence being drained, the more I craved something better for them than what I was modelling, and I set about learning all I could to make a difference for them and the bonus was I got to become happier, had more energy, greater contentment, confidence and better connection and understanding for myself and the kids.

The journey was not easy; however, it was worth every minute, dollar and effort I spent.  The change in my life, in myself is something I treasure and appreciate every day, and the bonus in all this is that not only did my teenagers transform but my relationship is now more magical than I ever thought possible.

  • Become a great role model for your kids, and peers
  • Learn what YOU need to be fulfilled, more joyful and content.
  • Discover the simplicity to change and know YOU have the power and potential within you
  • Watch your family become more happy, confident, resilient and respectful as you become more confident, resilient and discover a deeper respect for your role and awesomeness.

It is my great desire and pleasure to share the skills and solutions I learnt through the years so that you can move from

  • conflict,
  • disconnection,
  • discouragement,
  • feeling disrespected
  • feeling unsupported or lost

to deeper meaningful connection, with yourself and others, to feel more supported, settled and calm and respected and live a life you love.

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