I’m a sensitive soul, though I seem tough,
Able to cope when things get rough,
It hurts that my friends never saw my pain
Even though it was kept hidden because of the shame

The cloak of shame was pulled real tight
Coming off, only in the dead of the night
Misunderstood and totally isolated,
Added to the feelings of the desolated

This cloak of shame, a result of unhealthy perceptions
A protection so needed at first, yet so isolating
Yet because of misunderstandings and self-deception
This cloak of shame became a place of desolation

Depression, judgment, criticism, blame and shame
The flavours of the month, week, day, hour to ply
To break free was the only plea
From a heart so empty, cold and dry,

Just how to return from the shadow of self
No longer able to remain, unseen on the shelf
Knowing the actions, and inactions of life
Had an impact on you and the kids – oh the strife

The conflict, chaos, confusion and difficulties
Had taken its toll, and you just wanted out
To get out or to get through became your main aim
For sanity, safety, order and clarity

The commitment is made, to break free of the pain
To begin to live, not exist, with a balanced perspective
Leaving behind the desolation and shame
To find in yourself a life more respective

Moving from a life filled with shame
To a life where acceptance is routine
From a life of judgment and blame
To a life where you feel your joy is almost obscene

A place where you can welcome change,
Have courage, confidence and certainty
A place like home yet feels so strange
To see life, unfold so much more perfectly

Where soon you will see, value so precious
Amongst the old life’s cold memories
As you look back it can feel quite breathless
Seeing the gold, you have created in your treasury

Looking back with a smile, as you now see
Your strength, resilience and unique worth
Knowing now, you are and have something of value
For yourself, your family, your friends and others on earth

That cloak of shame hid a light, just a little light
Dimmed right down, hidden far, far from sight
Afraid of being seen, of attracting even the blight
Some loved this little light, others tried to snuff it out

This caused much confusion, conflict and concern
What am I supposed to do, shine brightly in the dark
Join the darkness and hide my light?
That little light needs oxygen to burn

The choices seem to be black or white
Joy, despair, darkness, light
Defeat or freedom, how does this wee mite
Know what’s best, tis a sad plight

No one to guide, support or understand
The light got hidden, deeply real fast
That sparkly, vivacious fun filled lass
Struggled to fill the role of the downcast

She did her best, entered with the depressed
That dim and grimy place of judgment
Comparisons, fear, criticism, blame
These things all used by this cloak of shame

Until at long long last, others who knew
Of this light, battled alongside
And helped her beat the blues
Clearing the grime, the black dark clouds

Until once again that little light
Ignited with joy, that little flame
With years of timid practice
Started shining so bright.

Becoming a beacon, for those near and far
Who need a light, feeling so marred,
To help them believe, they too can find
Their own little lights, and not feel so blind

To help them believe, no matter the past
Or who they’ve become, that change is
Possible, simple as making a choice
To step out of the misery and find a life to rejoice.

Erena Oliver 2017

Could we work together to make your shame part of your HISTORY instead part of your DESTINY?

Could we work together to help you make shame part of your History, not your Destiny

Could we work together to help you make shame part of your History, not your Destiny?