Most of us don’t remember our first two or seven years of life — but our earliest experiences may stick with us for years and continue to influence us well into adulthood.

Many of us have suffered from certain childhood incidents that are haunting us, even today. But this is not the end of our lives. We must not let our past rule over our present as well as our future. The best way to overcome our childhood experiences, and to get on with life is to leave all the bad childhood memories behind and start afresh.

You are thinking it is easier said than done, right?

Well, this blog will help you (I sincerely hope it will help you) to deal with how to forget bad childhood memories and to lead a normal life.

As Carl Jung said, “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” There’s a lesson in that for all of us: Try to let go of whatever it is that’s holding you back from experiencing yourself.

You’ll probably realise that you are not what other people say you are.

You are not your pain, your past, or your emotions. It’s the negative ideas about ourselves and our hurtful self-talk that get in the way of who we really want to be. Being able to let go requires a strong sense of self, which gives you the ability to learn and grow from your experiences.

The impacts of our Childhood Memories

There are many memories that cannot be shared with anyone, not even with the closest and the dearest ones. These memories are so etched into your heart that it is impossible not to think about them all the time.

Some of the memories have left you to feel insecure about yourself, lack of self-confidence, make you distrust people easily, some may even confuse you about you and your surrounding. These are the impacts that you can not deal with and for these you need help. You have to start to believe in yourself, gain confidence, and try to remember that there are many out there who you can trust and their influence can make you be yourself again.

How to forget Childhood Memories that hurt you?

Let’s start by talking. It is always effective if you get to share your bad experiences with someone, or a group of people. It is not necessary for this “someone” to be your best friend or your sibling. You can seek professional help. A psychiatrist or a counselor can guide you to an enlightened path. Or, find out if there are any groups that involve individuals talking about their personal traumas. You will know you are not alone in this world, and there are many cases as worse as yours.

Try to approach life in a positive manner. Your childhood is your past. The people and the events concerned are no longer in existence. Even if they are, you are no longer a dependent individual. 

You are free. You have a life and you are leading your life. You are in a relationship. 

Contemplating your bad memories can affect your partner and your children. Build a better and secure future for your children.

Accept that these memories all parts of growing up. We grow up every day, no matter what our age is. And each day, we encounter new experiences, some good and some bad. We make mistakes and we learn from them. We brush them aside and we move forward. Let those unacceptable recollections be the force to drive you towards your happiness, towards your success.

Life is precious, never ever forget that.

I hope this has been of value to you. If you got any questions, or if there’s something you need me to elaborate on, leave it in the comments section or private message me so I can get back to you. If you think a family member or someone you know could find this valuable, feel free to share this.

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