Does it feel like your life has been on hold?

Whether it be children, work, or even your love life?

Can you reignite your spark for and with life?

Life is a drag sometimes, isn’t it? We all go through low moments where we question what we’re doing, why we’re here, and whether all the trouble is worth it.

We feel like just throwing in the towel and accepting our fate – a dull, boring, and monotonous life.

It’s painful to have lulls in a relationship that leave you feeling hopeless or questioning its future. At these times, even if you have lists of issues you know are causing problems with your partner, it can still somehow be hard to pinpoint why you lost the loving feelings that once overcame you.

You may still “love” the person. You may still want it to work with him or her. But you just can’t seem to access that free flow of fondness, that ease of giving and taking, that made you light up and look forward to each day you’d spend together.

A small spark can quickly become a roaring fire. And that roaring fire can fuel your life and take the spark back just like when you both first met.

It doesn’t require you to put your life on the line or risk your well-being. All you have to do is add a few more drops of fuel to the fire, and watch it start to burn – here’s how!

Open up to Each Other Completely

Learn to open up completely. Share your emotions, even the things you are embarrassed about. Even the things you think will negatively impact your partner’s opinion of you.

If you had a hard time, chances are that you have not yet taken the time to share your emotions about this with each other and really try to understand what you’ve been through together. 

Take Some Time out of Your Day to Appreciate Each Other out Loud

Take a few minutes out of each day to tell what you appreciate about one another for that day. It can be as simple as “I really appreciated you stepping up and helping with cleaning the house today because you knew I was stressed and busy. It made my day easier and better.” They have a timer on their phone and they do it once a day. It’s cheesy, but it’s cute and sincere.

Learn Your Partner’s Love Language

Understand how your partner feels loved, their “love language” and make a concerted effort to do it. If your partner’s love language is touch, even small things like a touch on the shoulder or smack on the ass let him know that you’re thinking of him, that you still like him, and still want him. Learn more about the different types of Love Language.

Let Them Know How Much You Appreciate Them

Say thank you, A LOT. Look for all of the little and mundane things your partner does or says, not just for the sake of the relationship, but all the things that keep a home and a life up and running too.

It’s easy to take things for granted when you’re rooted in a consistent routine, but switching out the laundry or emptying the dishwasher or taking out the dog makes life, and the relationship, smoother.

Being actively grateful for the things you do for each other curbs potential resentment and is a constant reminder to appreciate your partner and the life you’ve built.

Always Remember

Although you are not able to bring back what was before, the beautiful thing about the present is that – you can start something new, something more valuable, today.

I believe it is possible to break destructive cycles (the cycle of dysfunction, disconnection, neglect, pain, and violence) that permeates our society and homes today. This not only transforms our life but transforms our relationships and our world.

Let’s venture into your challenges and begin the journey to feel valued, respected, needed, and fulfilled. See what’s possible here.

With You,