Are you ready to enter a new relationship but you don’t know how to? Well, there are several reasons to start a new relationship and whatever your reasons are, accept it. Every relationship revolves around trust: A factor that you shouldn’t break. So, these are everything you need to know about making that new contact.

Focus On The Present Not The Past 

Bringing the past while meeting new people creates awkward moments. So you should focus on the present and plan for the future. Comparing a person is not a gesture of immediate welcome. An excellent way to welcome the person without bringing out your past is acknowledging them for what they are doing in the very moment.

Discuss Your Plans At The Early Stage

Discussing your life goals early on your new relationships is necessary to avoid conflicting goals and late decisions. Don’t discuss your plans too early or too late. Nobody can say the accurate period, but the right time will happen within a month or a year. Discussing your plans beyond those times adds up to the make or break factor to your relationship.

Make Sure That Attraction Happens Between People And Not Ideas

Being attracted to ideas when keeping a relationship might set unreachable expectations. Our relationships first begin when we set eyes on a new person although we haven’t known them yet, we feel an undeniable pull towards this enchanting new person. Watch out for your thoughts and feelings when being attracted by the person.

You understand the reality of maintaining relationships when you are starting to take a lot of hard work. Emotional maturity requires developing wisdom, helping you realise that great relationships need constant self-reflection and motivations.

Talk About Intimate Topics At The Right Moment

Knowing the right moment to talk about intimate topics is another key to start relationships. No matter how strong your relationship is, you can only be comfortable with being vulnerable around a person in a specific moment. But the key to enter that zone is obtaining permission to talk about intimate topics.

Meet The Friends And Family

You need to know at least the status of the new persons family and circle of friends. The new person in your life considers their feelings when making a decision that will involve you in the future. Keep in mind that connecting with a person involves you to a network of their already existing relationships. 

Discuss The Important Topics In Person

Be aware of these three levels of conversation before introducing any topic:

  1. Words only
  2. Words and tone
  3. Words, tone and body language 

You can discuss the first level through messages, and the second level through at least a voice call. But when talking about topics where body language is necessary, such as facial expressions, you better discuss them in person. Build a healthy first impression by showing authentic gestures when meeting people.

Show Your Genuine Self

The most important thing to do when meeting new people is showing that you mastered self-love and acceptance. The best part of it is working on yourself. If you’ve managed to conquer your self-esteem issues and accepted all your flaws and weaknesses, you are less likely to enter or keep toxic relationships.

Start New Relationships With The Help Of A Relationship Coach

In the end, we all want to build a strong connection with other people. We aim to develop mutual interests, trust, and attraction. The award is being not afraid of shame, blame, criticism, and judgment. 

If you are having difficulty in meeting people or at least keeping them, I recommend you to see a relationship coach. Getting professional help will bring out the best in you and assist you in maintaining and finding the essential people in your life.

When you are unsure about which road to take and you just need a little point in the right direction, together we can explore the obstacles and challenges that have brought you to this point and identify actionable steps you can take right now to move forward through my One Off Consultations.

Erena Oliver | Relationship Coach