A new year is the best opportunity to ask if you have been the best partner to your significant other over the past year. It’s also excellent to ask if you have been a good child, a good parent, a good friend. You might even ask if you have been good to yourself in this challenging year.

The past year has been harsh to us and made us stay home, but if we didn’t take that opportunity to rekindle relationships, here’s another year for us. If you don’t know how to start getting the important people back to your life, here is an essential guide to help you.

Reflect about What Made Your Relationship Sour

At least one of you might have worn out your welcome for years of disheartening events. Try to remember the early days of your relationship, and you will reminisce wonderful moments that bonded you together. You can then ask yourself what happened to help you find out the answers. At least one aspect of your relationship became frustrating over time.

Take Time to Discuss the Matter Privately

It’s daunting to build confidence to communicate a sensitive matter if you want to keep that important person to your life. But it begins by asking about the aspect that made your relationship sour. Try to listen after opening up the conversation, and you will see another perspective that will make you understand the problem better.

Try to ask if it’s already your turn even though the other person has nothing more to say. You can address the problem politely like how you are meeting with a new person. Both of you have changed anyway.

Set Realistic Expectations

After listening to both sides, you can begin to state what do you want to happen as a proposal for the other person. It’s not the time to focus on the reason why your relationship soured, but the motivation to keep the person in your life instead. Relationships are complex, no matter how shallow or deep it is. You might start talking about a specific thing to change next year.

It’s Time to Focus on the Means

The other person might know how to attain that goal. But you might not agree their way, so offer a compromise on the areas of a different opinion. Have a look at this guideline to help you ask how to polish the rough edges:

  • What is the best way to bring back the fun?
  • How can we spend more quality time together?
  • What topics should we talk about more often?
  • What is something we can both do to improve our friendship?
  • How can we offer our physical and emotional needs of each other?
  • How will we handle the disagreements when they arise again?
  • What is the best way to communicate with each other?
  • What holds us together in this relationship?

Focus on the Relationship More than the Goal

It feels fulfilling and satisfying to spend the next year with this important person. Spending a year-long journey to improve relationship always get fulfilling results.

Wishing you enriched and vibrant relationships this coming year!