Being good to yourself is a duty that you should never ignore to keep healthy well-being. A part of it is knowing what you deserve. Committing to practising self-love will reward you satisfying days and vibrant relationships. Here is a reminder to yourself on your way to knowing what you deserve.

You Deserve to Be Happy

Are you tired of denying happiness for yourself for a long time? You must have set some rules that made you exhausted every day. These boundaries that you surrounded yourself restricted you from doing what makes you happy. A good reason is to keep yourself safe.

There’s no doubt that safety must be your priority, but you should not deny yourself from being happy from time to time. There is nothing wrong to pursue your dreams and love the important people in your life. The good news is that the things in life that can make you happy are almost always free.

You Deserve to Be Loved 

There are limitless reasons why you deserve to be loved. You are a unique sentient being and is a beautiful masterpiece. No matter where you are or what time of the day it is, there’s nothing wrong to welcome the people who are ready to love you.

It’s also inevitable for some people to ignore you too. So keep in mind that not everyone can give it to you. Even the most important people in your life cannot always love you no matter how they know that you deserve it. So make sure that you are not blocking the source of love within yourself.

You Deserve to Be Valued 

It’s a well-known fact that not everyone can know your value. So make sure that your self is not included in these people. Nobody else will do it for you if you don’t value yourself. That is why it’s never selfish to give value to yourself and what you do.

Being valued is not a privilege but it is a right. But it becomes a duty when it comes to giving value to yourself. That is why you also need to know how to value yourself before expecting anybody to do it for you.

You Deserve to Be Appreciated 

There are times when some people cannot appreciate you or even what you do. Keep in mind that most of these instances are not ok. You deserve to receive appreciation especially when you did your best.

A simple thank you is a good way to appreciate yourself. You can show gratitude to yourself not only by saying these words but also through developing productive habits. You can earn appreciation from your loved ones when you start doing it to yourself.

You Deserve to Be Respected

Everybody, including you, deserves respect. You can hear people say that respect is earned and not demanded. So don’t let yourself get to the point when it demands respect. You have to give respect to yourself. 

You are free to set standards on how you demand to be respected, but keep in mind that this will not go above how you respect yourself. Stopping to talk negatively about yourself and doing your best are good ways to show respect to yourself. 

You Deserve to Be Treated Right 

You might have been mistreated for so long and began to feel less worthy of the right treatment. Your age, gender, social status, beliefs, or anything related to your identity cannot alter how you deserve to be treated right. You don’t deserve guilt for receiving mistreatment from other people.

You deserve to be away from people or circumstances that bring you mistreatment. That is why you need to treat yourself how you wanted to be treated. Taking care of your thoughts, words, actions, and choices will remind everyone that you deserve to be treated right.

Tell me below if this resonated with you! Let me know what you think about your current relationship through a cup of coffee. Hope this blog changed your perspective about what you deserve for yourself.