You might be the most productive version of yourself after drinking a cup of coffee. But in this context, we are talking about filling your cup as a metaphor about self-preservation. Like your cup of coffee, your productivity also gets empty after some time.

It is wisdom to know and be aware when your cup is empty, and it is another wisdom to know how to fill your cup. Doing it restores the energy that can help you give your best. Let us talk about how filling your cup relates to self-preservation.

Let Me Tell You a Story about Burnout.

BDaily published an article about Google searches for “What is burnout.” According to them, this Google search peaked 4400 monthly average searches in March 2019. They also mentioned that the WHO recognised burnout as an occupational phenomenon.

I want to stress out that people are already struggling even before this pandemic began. People already experience burnout which is an effect of exhaustion due to prolonged periods of stress. Several people are suffering from pouring from an empty cup. It makes us realise how important it is to fill your cup once in a while.

Why Do Our Cups Go Empty?

Feeling our cups sounds good. Sometimes we only need a good rest. But look at your to-do list: Do you see a white space? It’s more difficult if you are struggling to organise your schedule. It gives you an excellent reason to find time to restore yourself.

What will happen if you let at least one item stay undone for a day? Are you letting someone down? Will you be disappointed in yourself? You will find out that not everything in your to-do list is priorities. The world will not end if you put at least an hour for yourself alone.

So when we get too busy, I don’t recommend to take time out of our sleep. I find it unhealthy and most of the time, unproductive. Having a stress free day or hour is difficult, but it is achievable. Keep in mind that you are not responsible for everything, no matter how you feel like it.

What Is White Space?

While it sounds like a blank canvas or a blank word document, it also signifies an empty spot on your calendar. It’s the spot where you take your “me time.”  white space is the time in your day that’s dedicated to filling our cup.

Your white space is an appointment – with you, from you, and for you. Believe me; it’s not unproductive. 

We Have Unique Ways to Fill Our Cups 

We all have 24 hours a day and seven days a week. But what does it mean when we say we have unique ways to fill our cups? Isn’t having a good rest enough to restore or levels of productivity?

Filling our cups means self-preservation, and restaurant productivity is only a part of it. Let me give you a few ideas to fill your cup:

  • Do a hobby that you love
  • Go for a walk
  • Read for pleasure
  • Take a nap
  • Play a game

Filling Your Cup Is Not Selfish

Everything revolves around doing good things for yourself when we look at the pattern above. These actions are not selfish. Keep in mind that one of the first in line in your responsibilities is taking care of yourself. That way, you can take care of everything else.

That is why I also consider the following as filling your cup: Re-addressing your priorities, cutting time on social media, saying no (politely) or even eating a favourite meal. Drinking coffee to kick start your day is another excellent example of filling your cup. You can add your personal way to this list, as long as you are not draining other people’s cups.

You Need to Prioritize Self Care Everyday

In music, the pause is as important as the note. In our lives, the break is as important as the work. You can’t be the most productive version of yourself all the time. So sometimes, you only need to let it go and walk away.

You deserve a full cup on the following days. If you know someone who needs help with self-care, my doors are open for a coffee chat. It’s nice to have with other people filling cups.