Words are powerful. But how much?

Words alone cannot prove genuine love, but it is indeed a key element when communicating your feelings. An affirmation such as “I love you” evokes people in different ways, but it confirms the meaning of what the speaker habitually does.

So words are indeed powerful. But can we harness this power to bring positive change in our relationships? I’ll take yes as an answer, so read on to know how words can fuel the flame that keeps the warm welcome to your relationships.

Do You Prefer Hearing Words of Affirmation to Show Love?

If your opinion states that saying words of affirmation is the best way to show love, add yourself to the 23% of people who answered the same as you. Your love language is more likely words of affirmation. You know the value of words, so you treat them as a vital part of your relationship. 

Words Have a Direct Impact on Emotions and Behaviour 

Words have a direct effect on emotions and body reactions. So if we choose positive terms, it positively impacts our thoughts and our physical bodies. It also works the other way. So if you choose words of affirmation, we show our love, also provides an impact even on a quick moment. Owning our actions through words that describe them will also help us become assertive, thus increasing our confidence.

Relationships Typically Begin with a Conversation

Do you remember how your relationships started? It’s more likely something like a jolly “have a nice day” or similar. Or an introduction of yourself or the other person. Your greetings not only provide a new impression but also decide how you establish a relationship.

In critical situations, picking the right words means deciding what to do with your life. An example is answering job interviews. Can you convince the interviewer to trust their tasks with you? We can appreciate that picking the right words is a life skill.

Have you asked yourself about how your greetings feel? Do you stay authentic every time you meet new people? 

Ways to Show Love Using Words of Affirmation

Words are enough and powerful, but you can add impact to its power through these methods:

  • Authenticity. Say what you mean, mean what you say; This adage never gets old.
  • Appreciation. Confirm that their actions are valid and beautiful unless destructive.
  • Effort. Take time to prepare the way you tell your message. Saying things in private or using greeting cards are typical yet effective.
  • Recognition. Let the person hear you recognise them in public unless it’s embarrassing.

Language to Avoid When in a Relationship

Beware of these things, especially when the person has a love language of words of affirmation:

  • Unsolicited assumptions
  • Shortcuts that show laziness
  • Being mean
  • Overboard teasing
  • Being condescending
  • Withholding words of kindness
  • Manipulation

Love Your Self First

The first person who will benefit from words of affirmation is yourself. You cannot share what you don’t have. Can you convince yourself that you are worthy of giving and receiving love? It takes energy to say words of affirmation. So sharing the benefits of love to other people is only possible after empowering yourself.

How Often Do You Throw Your Words Away?

Do you say negative things to yourself, even if it’s out of the blue? Or do you speak words of affirmation such as “I can do it?” imagine how the effects of this habit will ripple through your days. That is why you need to choose what words do you normalise.

Taking Advantage of Emotional Values of Words to Have a Meaningful Relationship

Words are powerful, and you can take their emotional advantage to drive a meaningful relationship. It can help clarify or even declare what you should feel about a person. So start providing value to yourself by saying words of affirmation.

Do you have words that you are afraid to say? Unexpressed emotions do more harm than good. Let us talk it out in a coffee chat and get that feeling out of yourself.