Quality time’s definition is the time spent to give undivided attention to strengthen a relationship. This topic typically covers working parents and their children. It also applies to couples and even friends and colleagues. It centres around togetherness as a way of expressing love. Let us discuss how quality time strengthens relationships.

Why Is Quality Time Essential?

An average person has around 6,200 thoughts a day. Providing 30 minutes of quality time within 16 hours of a waking day develops 194 ideas revolving around the relationship. Imagine the impact of giving quality time to an individual’s life.

What Does Quality Time Improve?

As a simpler explanation, quality time develops a relationship and steers it towards the desired direction. It is the best way to have parents influence their children about overcoming adversities in life. To explain it further, here are the reasons why quality time is essential for relationships:

  • Communication. Having quality time gets people to learn about other’s body gestures or speech identities.
  • Intimacy. Quality time is the best way to talk about hopes, dreams, fears, and frustrations, strengthening the bond.
  • Values and habits. Allotting time to talk about essential things develops values which influence future decisions.

Quality Time Connects People Miles Away from Each Other

Technology made it possible for people to start, build, develop, and enrich relationships. Connecting people through the internet, especially in these challenging times, is essential for people to stay together. That is why, even miles away from each other, families can still connect to strengthen the bonds even through mobile communications.

Quality Time Love Language 

Did you know that 1 out of 5 people prefers spending quality time with their loved ones as a way to speak love? If you or your loved one relates to this information, read on and learn how to develop this communication method.

Tips to Know If Your Love Language Is Quality Time 

You will know that you prefer quality time above any other ways to show love if you:

  • Listen closely and provide undivided attention to other people. 
  • Find it easy to focus when a person is talking.
  • Prefer to do things together with the important people.
  • Clear your schedule only two provide time to your loved ones.
  • Enjoy sharing experiences than receiving physical gifts.

What to Do If Your Loved Ones Prefer Quality Time

Spending quality time is a way to show respect. But some people, which might include your family, view quality time as a way to speak love. Keep these things in mind if your loved ones value time as a way to speak love:

  • Maintain eye contact when communicating
  • Listen closely when they speak and focus on their intent
  • Keep technology away if you communicate in person
  • Make every second count during your discussions
  • Create an actionable plan after your conversation 
  • Send invitations even if you know they will decline 
  • Value your presence because it means a lot to them

What to Keep in Mind If Quality Time Is Your Love Language

Not everyone has your love language. It might hurt a little bit, but training yourself to understand the following can help you keep relationships:

  • Let them know appropriately about what you feel when you don’t have enough time together 
  • You are not someone’s priority every second of the day
  • Other people have planned their schedules too 
  • Be mindful of their preferred way to receive love

Enriched Relationships Are Possible With Quality Time 

Nobody else has more than 24 hours in a day. Eight of those are all going to sleep time. So what are you doing to the rest of the hours? Do you devote some of them to treat yourself? You can only take care of all the bonds you value if you don’t forget to give yourself time.

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