About Me

As a young girl I escaped outdoors to the animals on the farm, my horse, to the creeks or bush nearby or into books – books about animals, the ocean, whales, dolphins, the bush, forests, plains and deserts and the early peoples of the earth, the First Nations People, the Aborigines, the Maori, the Vikings, Celts, Amazons, and African races. They captivated me and moulded my young mind to observe the earth, its life, plants and inhabitants with great respect, and understand that they held things we could learn and grow from observing.

To disconnect from nature is to disconnect from life – the cycles of life, the flow of life and the necessity of community and love.

I learnt that people mattered, you cared for your family and tribe, everything you did affected everyone else in the tribe or community, you were accepted, taught the ways of the tribe and disciplined accordingly. There were clear boundaries, parents and leaders were respected and valued and the plants of the earth were respected and used as medicine, to heal and nourish. I feel that this added to my interest then my use of essential oils and flower essences.

Stories I read of elephants taught me about loyalty, caring, family and remembering the paths that held life and safety for them. That you can have great strength and power yet be most gently loving and supportive. 


The whale showed me that they go to great depths, and in the depths, there is safety as well as danger.  They have so much inner knowing, things passed down that can be beneficial or destructive. That we all have a song, and it is important for our health and well-being that we sing it and that others can benefit greatly from our song, as we can theirs.

They showed me the importance of change; that change is a necessary part of life, movement is necessary, moving with the cycles of nature, that we have the resources to achieve our dreams, and to follow our dreams, not another’s dreams for us, or their dreams.

We are unique, our journey is unique, and we are not alone – when we feel lost and alone and by taking one step, then another and the way starts to become clear and we prove that the journey is important to us

From the dolphin I understood that play is vital, that family, friends and fun are necessary for well-being and growth. So, when I find myself taking life too seriously I know that I must take some time out for play preferably with family and friends.

Dolphins are also very community minded and hold the capacity to heal and harmonise and we all have this ability when we take time out to play. 

Wolves showed me that socialising, family and community are important, that discipline, order and balance is vital and that we all seek for acceptance.

We all need to feel the safety of family, yet they seek the freedom of the wilderness and it is important for us to explore and have time out.

The freedom of climbing on the back of the horse, no reins or saddle and riding is something I still fail to find words for.

The horse is a flight/fight animal and responds to our moods, outlook on life and degree of clarity and safety. The horse teaches us to observe, to learn what and who to trust, about respect – mutual respect and how our thoughts affect our reality and what happens to us and around us.

When we shut down our hearts, we shut out the world, those around us and our potential.

Horses can help us unlock our hidden fears, power and strengths – and to help us become leaders – leaders who can bring our dreams into existence. 


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