Introducing Erena

I HELP YOU TO RECOGNISE, ACCESS, UNLEASH AND UTILISE YOUR INNER AWESOME AND WELLNESS…to EMPOWER you & Assist YOU feel like you are in the Drivers Seat of YOUR life so that you can be the Role Model for your kids that you wished you had when you were growing up. 

Having overcome

  • Abuse,
  • Bullying,
  • Weight issues,
  • Depression,
  • feeling Victimised and Trapped, and
  • totally Powerless

I now want to share the solutions that have worked so powerfully for me and my clients.  My relationships that were on the rocks are now intact, healthy and better than I could ever have imagined.

  •   I consistently used the modalities I have training in to assist me on my journey….which gives me confidence when I work with you – I have proven them to assist with some major health challenges.
  • Being brought up on dairy farms, I have a big love for our animal world and nature,  We moved a lot so experienced many changes, making new friends or not etc.
  • I started my working life as a Junior Librarian, did some contract milking and farm work, Enrolled Nursing and have helped create 3 amazing adults with my husband.
  • I taught BodyTalk Access to over 100 students from Wellington, Blenheim, West Coast, Nelson, Takaka, Christchurch and Invercargill – 2008-2011.
  • I have added crafts/tools to my life that have really helped and supported me in my journey – which I may or may not use in my In-Person sessions.
  • For Distance clients I use coaching skills and body’s energy circuit/meridian system balancing techniques.I like to see what unfolds and follow from there.I have been using my tools for 13 years or more now and find them reliable and safe.  They have helped me make great savings when it comes to our family wellness, and helping my own children with bullying issues from peers, teachers and in the workplace.  Our eldest son also uses these tools and we all use the Essential oils, Flower Essences and Tissue salts and tools on regular basis for health maintenance.
    It is important to look after our body, have regular consultations and attend to diet and exercise in moderation.
Skills and Training

To read more on some of these modalities  click here

Riverside Reflections – Taylor River – Blenheim

Looking into Pelorus Sounds – Tennyson Inlet – Marlborough

Did you know that most people never see their own magic, their awesomeness or their potential?    
As a little girl I had coloring books that you took a brush and water, painted over the page and something magical appeared.
Did you see your own magic, your awesomeness or your potential?

  • I see it and I want you to see it too. 

You see we all paint a picture of ourselves and our life.  Yet most of the time it is SO distorted, damaged, and flawed…it is NOT you – just your perception, based on others perceptions.

  • I look at your perceptions, I interpret them back to you from my perspectives in a way that helps you to see a glimpse of your own unique awesomeness in spite of what has happened…..You then start to view yourself in a different light -with this new understanding and insight and you can create a new canvas incorporating your awesome life in a unique way for you.