Hello! I’m Erena

My purpose in life is to help women and men just like you find the vibrant well-being, love, joy and fulfilment you deserve.

Early on in life I learnt how our physical health is deeply entangled, enmeshed, affected by in the state of

  • our mind,
  • our habits,
  • our thoughts,
  • our feelings
  • our words and
  • what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world around us

And that if we can heal the mind our life transforms, and many of our physical ailments can also transform. These things also affect the physical well-being of our body so it does not matter if we address physical conditions, our relationships WILL transform too.


I trained with flower essences and aromatherapy, became a certified BodyTalk practitioner, and an Accunect therapist, using the Accunect® techniques . These modalities reaffirmed my findings, expanded on my knowledge and opened me to the world of Chinese Medicine, Meridians and the 5 Elements.

All these modalities are non-invasive, and work on energetic levels to bring about change in powerful and gentle ways and form part of my toolbox.

The work I have done in my own life has brought a deeper connection and communication into my relationship with my husband, along with a more deep and meaningful intimacy.  I have overcome Allergies, Borderline Personality tendencies, IBS, Fibro, MS and dysfunctional and toxic patterns in my marriage to a marriage that is juicy and connected.

Because I have reconnected with myself, my values and become so much more present and aware of my own feelings, thoughts and responses I am able to support my husband to be his best.  We now empower rather than disempower each other.

What Sets me apart from others?

Our Focus:

Most medical professionals look for what is wrong. I prefer to look for miracles, what is ready to be restored, repaired, and revitalised.

One of the principles I work with is what we focus on persists, grows or expands and we sure do not want to focus on what we think is wrong with us or our lives – yes we do note the things that cause us

discomfort or that are challenges for us, but we put our focus on what could be better, what could be functioning more optimally in our body or in our life.

I help people find their full potential – physically, mentally and emotionally. To stop at treating your physical pain, is to do you a dis-service, I want to help them restore vibrant health and support them to move forward in life with more energy and joy.

I know it is possible to address trauma in the body, to live a life with less pain, experience more meaningful relationships, and a mind that is not plagued by the big black dog, (the highs and deep dark lows of mental distress).  As we heal the mind, we heal our body and our relationships.

I see you as your potential, I hear your history, the challenges you face, the story you are living now and assist your mind to focus on the story you want to live rather than what you do not want.  We identify the resources you have and redirect the focus and resources into this potential – restoring and enriching energy levels, vitality, wellbeing, and relationships. 

My experience and passion lie in assisting people in transforming relationship dysfunction (conflict, abuse, and bullying), mind (mental) wellbeing (depression, borderline personality tendencies, and auto-immune (IBS, allergies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia + MS symptoms).

Mind and  Body working in harmony?
A vital concept behind my way of working is that the mind controls the nervous system, which in turn controls body function.

If we want (to be healthier) lasting change at a physical level, then it’s important to go beyond addressing the mental, emotional, or physical body: it’s important to shift how the nervous system is balancing/or trying to deal with activities in the body.

We can do this by bringing you to a greater awareness in and of the body, but it’s imperative to shift the mind too so that you can perceive and experience the world in a more harmonious way.

How then do we shift the mind 
simply and effectively?
It seems we cannot control our thoughts through conscious effort.  We have at least 6000 per day! 

We can’t make ourselves stop having negative (or any)thoughts any more than we can get a catchy tune out of our head.This is because most of our mind is subconscious. We can only affect the subconscious mind by shifting the energy state of the body, because the mind is an energy field that permeates our whole body.

The nervous system is only a small part of the mind – every part of body contributes to the mind. 

The nervous system is distributed right through the body, the main ones being the brain, the heart, the enteric system (gut), then the nerves themselves.


Your most important relationship is the one with yourself – that impacts every other relationship you have. 

Perhaps you are tired of making excuses for your partner and their behaviour and know deep down that neither of you are being good role models for your kids.Perhaps you know your partner will refuse counselling, maybe you’ve tried counselling, and it hasn’t worked  It’s now affecting your work.  You’ve lost your confidence and feel that you can’t get anything right at home or at work.

Living with yourself can be like living in a bleak, cold, windswept, lonely,empty place where all you want to do is escape, to curl up even tighter, pull the covers closer and go deeper into the darkness.Others have NO idea – your mind is like a minefield, treading around on eggshells, terrified of detonating another crisis or conflict, losing another friend, upsetting your loved ones – it’s full out war, and you’re caught in the middle and get lumped with the blame for everything.  You’re tiptoeing around because your partner goes off at the drop of a hat, you feel as if you can never do anything right.

What do you have to lose – I not only help you restore communication and deal with conflict but also work with you to enhance and enrich your well-being and health at the same time.I’ve been there.  And I can help. Come on an adventure with me for 6 or 12weeks and experience a deeper connection to who you really are. A more settled quiet mind means beneficial changes in your physical and emotional wellbeing and more meaningful cooperation in your relationships, as naturally as possible.

 You too can experience this.  Book a complimentary call now to find out how.

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