Introducing Erena



I am passionate about helping people live in enriched relationships they have only dreamed of; where they feel safe, appreciated, respected, enriched, understood, loved, heard and connected.


As a result of childhood trauma the need to be wanted, accepted, loved, appreciated and feel that I mattered was the driving force in my life.
What I did not understand was how it shaped my day, set me up for more trauma, drama and disastrous relationships.

I came across a saying “If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results”.
I knew in that instance that SOMETHING had to change. I was desperate to live a better life than the misery, desolation, depression, loneliness, feelings of disrespect and criticism I was experiencing daily.…………So I set about making some changes!

Stupidly I thought if I could change my husband, my kids, my situation then all would be well! DUH – I soon shelved that idea as it only brought me more conflict, distress and desolation.

There was something in me that was the issue, something I was doing – and once I got my head around that the rest is history.

Once I learned to quit judging, blaming and criticising myself I fast-tracked myself out of the dreadful relationship I was in, into the most enriched and bewitched relationship – all with the same man!

YEP – Even today, a couple of years on I find myself in awe, sometimes even pinching myself to make sure I am real, my life is real and that I could have such an awesome relationship, feel SO good about myself and my life, feel so content, at peace and happy

No longer do feelings of rejection, isolation, unsupported, unappreciated, unwanted or unloved or that I do not matter, weight issues, depression, bullying + abuse rule or affect my life.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still work to do, but it is a walk in the park compared to the early days.

I now love helping other women (and men) to see their potential in any relationship, and to create what is possible for THEM.

Skills and Training

  • My background training and experience includes Enrolled Nursing, Massage, BodyTalk Practitioner, Coach/Mentor Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, TCM for BodyTalkers, Marriage, Motherhood, (Business owner, practitioner, coach/mentor for 15 years)

Looking into Pelorus Sounds – Tennyson Inlet – Marlborough

Did you know that most people never see their own magic, their awesomeness or their potential?    
As a little girl I had coloring books that you took a brush and water, painted over the page and something magical appeared.
Did you see your own magic, your awesomeness or your potential?

  • I see it and I want you to see it too. 

You see we all paint a picture of ourselves and our life.  Yet most of the time it is SO distorted, damaged, and flawed…it is NOT you – just your perception, based on others perceptions.

  • I look at your perceptions, I interpret them back to you from my perspectives in a way that helps you to see a glimpse of your own unique awesomeness in spite of what has happened…..You then start to view yourself in a different light -with this new understanding and insight and you can create a new canvas incorporating your awesome life in a unique way for you.