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Erena Oliver

Master Renovator

Unlock Your True Self and Break Free from Trauma


Supporting Families to End Trauma Together and Open up to their Best Selves.


Have you ever had the desire to to be the best version of yourself, in your family, whether you're a young adult, parent, or caregiver, in a relationship, wanting one or career or business

If you're seeking a path to living a life of deep connection rather than constant conflict, I can help you discover your true self and end the cycle of trauma.


Imagine knowing exactly who you are and what truly matters to you. Often, we find ourselves chasing others' approval, neglecting our own desires. But it's time to unearth your authentic self, clarify your purpose, and make choices that resonate with your core being. Let go of what doesn't serve you and embrace your true essence.


Your journey, (along with that of your child), began from the very moment of conception.

Together, we'll explore how early experiences, from conception to birth, shape your knowledge, emotions, and future. Discover the profound impact of safety, respect, and belonging on your references, knowledge, and self-understanding. Learn how these early experiences can lay the foundation for lasting well-being.


In our work together, we'll delve into the dynamics of connection and disconnection in your relationships. We often find ourselves either connecting from a place of self-worth or getting caught in toxic behavior patterns. We'll uncover how early experiences influence these patterns and why seeking approval and belonging becomes a recurring cycle.


Through our collaboration, you'll gain the tools to break free from these patterns and create healthier, more meaningful connections. As a remarkable bonus, you'll become a powerful role model for your children, (or future children) helping them become their best selves as they navigate the world.


Life can be overwhelming, and we all face moments of stress and overload. How you navigate these challenges is rooted in your early experiences and support systems. We'll discuss the importance of a caring support network and how it can transform how you handle overwhelming moments. Discover diverse approaches to handling stress, shaping your child's well-being, and your own, and learn to face overwhelming situations with confidence and empowerment.


Have you ever felt lost and disconnected in your relationships, unsure of what truly matters? Together, we'll explore the impact of living solely for others' needs, leaving you feeling disengaged. With the transformative tool known as LifePrint, designed to help you clarify your meaning and values, we'll navigate a path to more effective communication, meaningful connections, and a clearer sense of purpose. Focusing on what truly matters will naturally lead to positive changes in all areas of your life.


Join me as we work together to gain a holistic perspective on early experiences and their lifelong impact, navigate life's most challenging moments, and find the clarity and connection that leads to a more rewarding and peaceful life. This is your opportunity to unlock your true self and break free from the chains of trauma, making a profound impact on your life and the lives of those you care for.

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