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Erena Oliver

Master Renovator 

Your relationship with yourself impacts every relationship you have

One of the most significant forms of grief is the loss of oneself. Imagine knowing exactly who you are and what truly matters to you.

•     Restore health and well-being – internal and external

•     Reignite your spark, your love for life, and your relationships

•     Discover what you really want and how to achieve it

•     Diffuse conflict and break the patterns of trauma and abuse

From the moment we are conceived, our experiences begin to shape us. These experiences include what's happening in our parents' lives, how they react to their surroundings, and their levels of contentment and happiness. Then, when we are born, every experience we encounter becomes part of our unique story.

How we are treated as children greatly influences our future relationships. If we grow up feeling safe, respected, appreciated, and valued, we develop a strong sense of self-worth. But if we face criticism, judgment, or neglect, it can lead to a different set of beliefs and behaviors.

Understanding the profound impact of these early experiences and learning to know ourselves better can transform our lives from one of conflict to one of connection, leading to more fulfilling and peaceful relationships.

Life can be overwhelming, and we all face moments of stress, overload, uncertainty and despair. How you navigate these challenges is rooted in your early experiences and support systems. We'll explore the importance of a caring support network and learn different ways to handle stressful situations with confidence and empowerment.

When we fail to deeply understand ourselves, we fall short in understanding others too. Having someone to support you with simple solutions and zero judgement can be invaluable.

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