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My Story

 I want everyone to know the feeling of being accepted, acknowledged and appreciated. I believe everyone should experience enriched, fulfilling relationships, with both themselves and those around them.

I bring to the table a wealth of experience, not just from my professional background as a Relationship and Wellbeing Facilitator, but from my own life's tapestry of trials and triumphs. From the depths of emotional instability to the peaks of harmonious living, my journey has equipped me with the tools and understanding to guide you through yours.

No matter what you have been told, or have experienced, you have potential, worth and something to offer. I see you, and know there is something different, more harmonious, and more joyful for you to experience.

Often commended for my courage and curiosity to face myself and my issues head on, it has not always been that way – there has been much sadness, aloneness, resentment, and rejection on my own journey. But those traits, and the strength I have now, anyone else can have too, and it need not take 30 years to get them, or for relationships to end, or if it they do finding here can be friendship and acceptance that may have otherwise been lost.

Having endured a 23-year-long dysfunctional and toxic relationship, I intimately understand the feelings of being trapped with no apparent choice. Through the tools (this is just one of many) I now share, I discovered another path—one of connection, joy, and peace within the same relationship.

Other tools - Aromatherapy Dip, Enrolled Nursing, Accunect, BodyTalk First Light Flower Essences and of course REAL lived life experience as a mother, wife and friend.

My mission is to empower others to break free from the past and limiting beliefs, to rewrite their story, and guide others on their journey, drawing from my own successful strategies, tailoring them to their unique circumstances and relationships.

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