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Erena Oliver

Master Renovator 

´╗┐Relationships are something we literally fall into at the moment of birth, although they began prior - we were not given a manual and often our role-models, whilst they did their very best, did not truly understand us. How then, can we understand ourselves? When we fail to deeply understand ourselves, we fall short in understanding others.  

Benefits of working with me are as follows and so much more, as I have lots in my tool box and have overcome childhood trauma, a dysfunctional and toxic relationship, depression, several auto-immune disorders and have supported many in their journey to renovate their relationships - sorting out the order, putting things in their right place, re-aligning what matters and restoring certainty and harmony.

1. Early Experiences Shape Us: From the moment we are conceived, our experiences begin to shape us. These experiences include what's happening in our parents' lives, how they react to their surroundings, and their levels of contentment, happiness, and peace. All this information is communicated chemically through their emotions to us as growing children. When we are born, every experience we encounter leaves some mark on us.


2. Impact on Relationships: How we are treated as children greatly influences our future relationships. If we grow up feeling safe, respected, appreciated, and valued, we develop a strong sense of self-worth. But if we face criticism, judgment, or neglect, it can lead to a different set of beliefs and behaviors.


3. Connection vs. Disconnection: In our relationships, we either connect from a place of self-worth, knowing we are valued and respected, or we disconnect. Disconnection often leads to dysfunctional and toxic behaviors like people-pleasing, control, manipulation, and more.


4. Coping with Overwhelm: When we face overwhelming situations, having a support system that cares about us and values our well-being makes a significant difference. It helps us deal with stress in a healthier way. Children who grew up feeling overwhelmed without support may shut down even further.


5. Loss of Self: One of the most significant forms of grief is the loss of oneself. Many people spend their lives focusing on others' needs and approval, neglecting their own desires and values. When overwhelmed, the feeling of not mattering intensifies.


6. Understanding Emotions: Recognizing that our emotions are an internal GPS guiding us to unmet needs and self-acceptance is crucial. By understanding what matters to us, we can begin to appreciate and respect ourselves, which is essential for meaningful relationships.


7. LifePrintOS System: The LifePrint modality is a powerful tool that helps us clarify our values and understand ourselves better. It empowers us to communicate effectively, create meaningful connections, and live intentionally.


8. Self-Happiness Affects Others: When we prioritize our own happiness, we become more present, aware, and responsive to others. Meeting our needs allows us to respond from a place of empowerment and inspiration, fostering wisdom and improving relationships.


9. Childhood Rooted Challenges: Many adult relationship challenges originate from our early childhood experiences. Discovering our own meaning and needs, as opposed to living for others, helps us transition from conflict to connection, leading to a more rewarding and peaceful life.

In summary, understanding the profound impact of our early experiences and learning to know ourselves better can transform our lives from one of conflict to one of connection, leading to more fulfilling and peaceful relationships.


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