Health & Wellness sessions.

Using understandings and knowledge in relationships, medical wisdom from Nursing training, Chinese Medicine, Vibrational Medicine and Epigenetics, coaching/mentoring to help you address the beliefs, hereditary and societal issues that impact your relationships and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal, we can assist your body to more easily restore and boost it’s natural healing ability.

Stress accumulates in your body from trauma, accidents, surgeries, toxins (internal and external), emotions, limiting beliefs, and bacteria as feelings of disconnection from your true self, others and your environment.

Any of these factors will reduce your body’s inborn ability to easily and effortlessly function at optimal levels, and the result is further illness and disease.

Bringing harmony and balance to
• the functioning of your internal organs and body parts
• the functioning of your life and relationships
• the communication and connection within your body and your life and
• focusing on your potential, your hopes and longed for outcomes
can greatly help to address all areas of your life and wellness so you can experience more optimum well-being and create lasting health.

Often, we discover that an old illness/injury that is causing stress, tension and restricting your body’s ability to function easily and effortlessly.

We focus on what, in YOUR body/mind, at this time, is ready to shift, to operate in more synchronistic, optimum functioning so you can more easily find your potential, not just for healing, but for your life. When we have a specific focus like this your body’s internal awareness is more able to redirect to those areas what YOUR body most needs in the most efficient and effective ways.

By taking your body out of stress mode and into healing mode YOUR body is able to identify its resources, return to optimal functioning so the cells are able to regenerate, self-regulate and heal.
Just like a computer needs resetting, so too our body, when it gets overwhelmed confused and panicked needs to be reset or a REBOOT!
The healing takes place on all levels of mind, body and personality.

MEN – 21st Century Hero’s
• WOMEN – 21st Century Heroines

To re-establish the Balanced Masculine and Balanced Feminine in each so that YOUR relationships can be enriched, and YOU can be great role models for YOUR offspring

So this looks like
• the man who feels unvalued, unvalidated, nagged, criticised, disconnected from his partner/wife and family and exhausted trying to hold it all together and feels lost
so that he can know of feeling a sense of pride in himself, a deep and meaningful connection with his woman and children, so he knows what is expected of him and has energy and time to be the man and father he has always dreamed of being.
• the woman who feels she does not matter, unheard, not respected, unvalued, not good enough, and desperate for connection with her man
so that she feels a deeper and more meaningful connection to her man, feels respected, appreciated, heard and supported and knows what is expected of her and has the energy and time to be the woman and mother she never knew was possible.

Feel you cannot take any more, you crave peace and acceptance yet you keep getting more of what you don’t want?

Want the pain and misery to end, to stop feeling like you are walking on broken glass all the time – afraid to speak up or do something in case you get blasted?

I offer a Relationship Well-ness Journey for a minimum of 5 months (as this will give you and your body optimum time to process the energetic shifts that occur as we work together)
In this time we will be having
• 2 x monthly group sessions via Zoom (so you can remain in the comfort of your own home) – recorded for those who cannot make it live and so you can listen over again
• A closed Facebook group where you can ask your questions, air your concerns and I can provide support and strategies.

If working with me calls you and you want to start this journey, to understand yourself better, understand what has contributed to your life being the way it is right now, AND most importantly to help you transform your life and relationship to one life worth celebrating. then spend 30 minutes with me by clicking the link below


Offering healing relaxation massage with either essential oils or massage creams.
1/2hr, 45mins or 1hr

Why I love and recommend Massage…
• Massage helps us to reconnect with our physical body and begin to feel again, in a safe environment and a safe way.
• Safe, appropriate and healing touch is missing in so many lives today and massage is one way to bring this back as well as the well-being it promotes.
• It is one of the quickest ways to feel nurtured, luxurious and relaxed at the same time, which is why I love and recommend relaxation massages, bringing you into a deep healing response.

Our bodies have 2 modes of operation – rest/relaxation and flight/fight (stress response).

Rest and relaxation mode is the only mode that enables the body to heal and is also known as growth and healing mode.
The stress response is triggered by physical and emotional situations and our thoughts about them, ourselves, others and the world around us.

Any pain, overwhelm or fear triggers the stress response, so any massage that causes you undue or prolonged discomfort or pain is not the type of therapy to bring your body into healing mode.

Once the stress response is triggered the body releases hormones of stress and this triggers the internal organs to prepare for an emergency – HOWEVER much of the time our bodies and lives are not under any threat at all, but the hormones of stress, constantly activated by our thoughts and emotions about ourselves, our lives and the people and situations around us keep us in emergency mode.
Over time this creates incredible tension in our muscles, communication breakdowns in our bodies internal functioning and will create dis-ease. The stress response differs from person to person.

Massage, through gentle even pressure to the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments helps the fascia tissue to relax, increases blood flow to reduce painful contractions and spasms, increasing oxygen, nutrients and information to the cells and tissues and improving the functioning of the organs as well. Nerves can then resume their normal work of transmitting messages to and from the brain, which in turn improves the functioning of the muscles and organs even deeper.

Making sure you increase your water intake after a massage helps the kidneys and other organs to process, release and eliminate the toxins and various substances that were locked into the tight tissues before the massage and flush them out – this reduces the tendency to experience a headache or other discomfort.

Learn to See with Clarity, What is Happening & Learn What You Can Do About it.

Exploration Meeting

I help you

  • To understand the BIG picture of your life and breakthrough the barriers so you can have freedom from any form of powerlessness.
  • Get to the root cause of your issues, root it out, clean and clear the mind of all that is false and destructive….
  • To have healthy life, healthy relationships, and greater happiness.

Whether it is a little or a lot you would like to change – I would like to help and support you.

I teach

  • Emotional and mental and physical empowerment for all areas of health and well-being.
  • Skills for becoming capable, emotionally and mentally more fit
  • Ways to assist and enhance your physical wellness with natural options.


Opportunities = a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.
Aspirations a hope or ambition of achieving something.

Life gives us opportunities – often because of circumstances we do not see them as such, or we do not see that we can take them and make something our our lives…..I help you find and see what life is offering you, to and assist you to start living your aspirations.

Because of what we have seen and experienced of what life has handed us, we feel Inadequate and or unworthy of even making change – I am here to teach you it can be so much different.  I know so, for I have lived both sides.

“Give a partent a fish and they will feed their family for a day….Teach a parent they CAN fish and how to fish and they will feed their family for a lifetime”.  

I teach you skills and tips to take into the rest of your liferight now,  that you can implement for yourself and share with family and friends.

Health, Wellness and Life Coaching will assist you to be well and stay well. 

You deserve the Best and You are Worth Investing in Yourself

 The More Well you become, the More Whole you are, The More Whole you are, the More Well you become and the more Enriched your Relationships are.

 Gain Confidence 
Discover Love
Freedom from the Burdens of Pain

  Find Courage
Healthier Relationships
Find Brightness in the Clouds of Life