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Hilary Carlile

Tauranga, NZ

I have worked with Erena over many years. In particular when health issues have come up such as bronchitis. I know intuitively that there is more to this than an “illness” but am unable to unravel it for myself. This seems to occur particularly when I am in family situations. Erena has been able to reveal the dynamics and emotions at play each time and my health, emotional and behavioural response to them. This understanding has enabled me to move on to have a more powerful relationship and enjoy family. Erena’s specialty is relationship dynamics. This is where I go to address my challenges in this area.

Eva Pemper

Marlborough, NZ

Erena has this wonderful ability to make you feel better about any type of hard situation in a matter of minutes 🙂. Her calming energy and great advice made me feel at ease. She knew exactly what the problem was and made everything so simple. I definitely recommend you getting in touch with Erena. Thank you Erena! I feel so lucky to have you around.

Mary (Busy Bee)

Oregon, USA

Erena is a delight! She has a plethora of knowledge and expertise to help you with any physical, mental or emotional needs. Erena is very easy to talk to and connect with. She is incredibly insightful and has a natural ability to get to the heart of a relationship issue very quickly and offer advice and services to address it. I have felt at ease and optimistic within a couple minutes of meeting with Erena, even when coming in stressed or worried. She's a gem, I hope for your sake you'll check out her offerings. Thank you Erena. I feel so blessed to have met you!

I used my daughters LifePrint Profile her school. She was struggling and managed to get herself into a lot of trouble! The teachers had an approach of trying to punish the behavior. I sat down and armed with the confidence from our conversation and understandings that her LifePrint Profile gave me and showed them that when my daughter was anxious or uncomfortable her behavior was protective and reactive. I explained how her highest driving needs were harmony (being a peacemaker) contributing and the need to belong! The assistant principal had an aha moment and said “no wonder she's hanging out with children, who bring out the worst in her, they encourage the bad behavior. From our conversation and the LifePrint Profile we came up with a plan to encourage my daughters strengths and support her need to belong. She has joined netball, choir and Pacifica club and making good choices based on the new friendships she is making. So thank you.


Marlborough NZ

Sharon Blount

Marlborough, NZ

Erena is very easy to communicate with and has a wonderful ability to increase personal awareness to improve yourself personally and professionally 

Neil Dougan

Perth, West Australia

Erena is a spectacularly talented practitioner. I have participated in her work for many years and can whole heartedly recommend her for both consciousness work and also for her unique counselling type work.

Laura Lasker

Marlborough, NZ

Erena is simply wonderful and I cant recommend her highly enough. She has helped me understand myself better, grow and deal with underlying issues I had never known how to address. Erena is a breath of fresh air, makes you totally at ease and is a wonderful person to have on your journey with you. I highly recommend her.


Marlborough, NZ

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Erena. Initially our sessions started with addressing the anger I had within when dealing with my son's contact with his father.

Erena taught me that my anger was ok, and it was a survival instinct when my boundaries were crossed. Anger was my body's way of letting myself know that, and not something that should be ignored or viewed as a negative.

This realization has given me the confidence to think about what I will and wont tolerate from people in my life, therefore making me more aware of what those boundaries actually are. This has helped me understand the anger and not be afraid of it.

Erena uses methods that make you aware of what your natural thought patterns/processes are and help you understand why it is that you react to certain things and situations. She helps you understand how your physical body also reacts to stress and unhealthily expressed or suppressed emotions through Chinese medicine concepts.

Throughout our sessions we unlocked lots of different things, including what your subconsciously do to protect yourself but it always looped back to the boundaries and trusting within yourself.

Erena has given me a new way of looking at things which is much a more positive way than i was doing previously. No more second guessing and had given the tools to continue on a better path"