Are you worried something is missing in your relationship and you don’t know how to fix it?

Do you feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells in your relationship, and that nothing you do is ever good enough for your partner?
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As an Integrative Relationship and Wellbeing Coach, specialising in facilitating the transformation of dysfunctional and toxic relationships and the related health issues that arise.

When you have faced and experienced the bitterness of rejection you crave the sweetness of acceptance in your relationships, often with desperation,…this often leads to further rejection, abuse, dysfunction and feelings of abandonment causing you to become more lost, to yourself and others.

Something is missing, you are filled with emptiness, misery, there are roadblocks or obstacles at every turn on the track and it seems like life and everyone in it is against you, even the fun, joy and zest for life is missing.

My passion is helping men and women find what’s missing in your life, to reclaim the sweetness, the fun, adventure, to help you feel accepted, respected, appreciated and the bonus is your relationships become more connected, enriched and worth living for and in.

There is no one size fits all, because we are all unique, have had unique experiences and unique perspectives, however, YOU have the answers within you and my speciality is helping you to uncover them, to discover the parts of you that long to be seen, heard, respected, accepted and appreciated…and I love to make this adventure fun.

You will build the confidence to stand true to yourself and communicate what matters to you (without worrying that you’re going to cause another argument) so that you can finally start to rebuild the relationship you always hoped you would have.

Do you wish to create an Enriched Family Love Vortex based on respect, acceptance and appreciation, where you all feel safe?

My type of relationship coaching is not like marriage counselling – this is about re-establishing the most connected relationship with yourself, for it is from that foundation that enriched and empowered connections with others can grow.  It is something you can do as an individual as well as a couple and is also successful in the workplace too – everything in life is about relatedness and relationships.


As a relationship coach I work with you to

  • diffuse conflict
  • reconnect to yourself and your partner
  • reignite your spark and your love for life and your partner
  • discover what you really want to enjoy and what you need to do to get that
  • create a thriving, enriched relationship
  • create healthy companionship, connection and communication,
  • break the cycle of trauma and abuse

I understand

I’ve been there too and come out the other side.

I KNOW it IS possible:

  • to have a relationship filled with love, enjoyment and fun
  • to move from feeling powerless to empowered
  • to break free from the cycle of trauma and abuse – even while in it
  • to heal the pain of trauma and abuse
  • to feel safe – free from shame, guilt and fear.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – may I suggest that ‘one step’ could be a session with Erena. She has an amazing ability to ask the right questions and then listen to your thoughts before responding with lots of suggestions and guidance that will certainly help you on that journey.
Erena can give you a wonderful insight into so many aspects of your journey and this is so helpful, whether it is affirming something you already know or do, or most importantly introducing you to new ideas and possibilities. Time with Erena is time well spent

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