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Erena Oliver

Master Relationship Renovator

Resolving Conflict - Restoring Peace!

Every relationship has the potential to be renovated, to be rebuilt into something even better than you imagined.

As a Relationship Renovator I work with families, couples and individuals, helping them to become their best selves, rewrite their stories, and take charge of their lives.

Using the transformative LifePrint tool, you’ll begin to understand yourself better, find a clearer sense of purpose, and create meaningful relationships with yourself, your loved ones, and your community. Focusing on what truly matters and understanding your innate values will naturally lead to positive changes and clarity in all areas of your life.

This is NOT a one-size fits all approach – I meet you right where you are, in all your glorious mess and distress, and help lift you higher and further than you believe is possible. I see you as your potential, I hear your history, the challenges you face, the story you are living now, and help guide and nurture you into being a better version of yourself with greater confidence and self belief. 

What we focus on grows, so although we acknowledge challenges and things that cause us discomfort within a safe environment, we direct our focus on what we can restore, repair, and revitalize. As we heal the mind, we heal our body, and our relationships too.

Our private sessions together typically take place every two weeks and last between 60-90 minutes, although these can be completely customized to suit both your schedule and budget. If you're local to Marlborough we can meet in person, or I offer sessions via zoom if that is more convenient or comfortable.

Relationship renovating can help if you :

Feel uncertain, stuck, unsafe, or anxious

Experience relationship conflict and health issues

Are struggling with conflicting feelings and thoughts in your head and body

Long to be free of shame, fear, guilt and judgment

Want to feel accepted, respected and appreciated

Want to be a better role model to your friends, family, and children

Relationship Harmony E-Book Gift

Common Questions About the LifePrintOS System Part of My Relationship Renovation Service

What is the difference between a personality report and the LifePrintOS Personal Performance Profile Report?

Personality reports are like quick online quizzes that tell you if you're an introvert or extrovert - they scratch the surface but don't go deep. The LifePrintOS Personal Performance Profile is a whole different ball game! It dives into how you communicate, what drives you, and how you approach life in both your growth and protective mindsets. It's all about understanding YOUR unique standard, not fitting you into a box.

How will working with you help my family?

Together, we'll uncover your family's unique communication styles and needs. You'll learn practical strategies to turn conflicts into deeper connections and create a home environment where everyone feels heard and valued. It's about building stronger, more resilient relationships that can weather any storm.

 How will the LifePrintOS help my relationships?

With LifePrintOS, we're talking about understanding everything from how you behave at home to how you rock it in your career. It's about knowing what makes you feel valued, what lights your fire, and even how to navigate those tricky relationship waters. The insights you'll gain will help you understand yourself better, others better, build better connections and turn conflicts into opportunities for growth.

What can I expect from our sessions?

Our sessions are all about understanding your own and your family's dynamics and giving you the tools to navigate them with more ease and joy. We'll dive into the LifePrintOS insights, develop personalized strategies, and build your confidence as a parent and partner. It's a journey of growth and transformation!

What makes the LifePrintOS different from other self-help tools?

The LifePrintOS isn't just about knowing yourself better (though that's awesome!). It's about using that knowledge to level up in every area of your life - better relationships, smashing your career goals, and feeling more fulfilled than ever before. It's your personal roadmap to becoming the mightiest, most awesome version of yourself.

What results can I expect from our work together?

Imagine waking up to a home filled with laughter instead of tension. Picture deep, meaningful conversations where everyone feels heard and understood. Think about the peace that comes from knowing how to handle tricky family moments with grace and empathy. That's the reality we'll create together!

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My Story

No matter what you have been told, or have experienced, you have potential, worth and something to offer.

I see you, and know there is something different, more harmonious, and more joyful for you to experience.

My mission is to empower others to Resolve Conflict, break free from the past and limiting beliefs, to rewrite their story, to Restore Peace drawing from my own successful strategies, tailoring them to their unique circumstances and relationships.