Erena Oliver

Guiding you from Conflict2Connection
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Taking you from conflict to connection.

I work with people who are experiencing increased conflict in their lives.

This conflict creates more chaos, more confusion and they end up destroying their relationships and their health.

I turn conflict into connection so people can experience amazing relationships with others and with themselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally and be great role models for those around them.

I create a restorative and safe space for people who are ready to ditch the conflict so that they can experience meaningful connection with others. People experience relationship conflict, mental, physical or emotional well-being challenges because they are tired of inner frustration and exhaustion, which impacts their ability to be a healthy role model for their children.

Achievable solutions and strategies are important, to restore not just their health, but also their relationship, and to role model healthy behaviours to their children.

What I do:

I use your Chaos, Confusion and Conflict to help you create Calm, Clarity and Connection so you can be Peaceful, Productive and Proactive from the inside out.

I introduce you to an adventure of curiosity and exploration to discover what makes you tick, to discover your uniqueness and how you could fulfil your potential in more meaningful ways to help you feel more connected to and respected by your loved ones through and in understandings and partnerships with natures rhythms, our body, mind and environment (people, experiences and situations)

Rewire the mind

Identify the conflict in the mind, communicate with it and rewire the mind for a connected resolution to establish healthy, honest, responsible communication.

Restore the body

Identify the conflict in the body, communicate with it and restore the body to establish healthy, harmonious and supportive communication inside.

Reconcile the environment

Identify the conflict in the environment, communicate with it and reconcile the environment/relationship to establish awareness, responsibility, clear communication, harmonious, supportive connection with self + others and the environment and collaborate your next step towards happiness and success.

you have experiance

You have experience, gifts, learnings + desires which you most likely do not recognise and or acknowledge and these need to be taken into the sunshine, given life, appreciation and let loose into their potential.



You have a system

You have a system – comprised of your body and its systems – which has been wired since conception, and added to by your life experiences, for survival. This wiring is often in ways that do not serve you now, that make it challenging for you, compromising your well-being. We identify conflict within this system and rewire it for optimal service to you and your dreams.



You have a program

You have a program – comprised of your beliefs, attitudes, perceptions – which has kept you safe and got you to where you are now… some of these create confusion, conflicts, disconnection, misinterpretations, and misunderstandings that are not supportive of or aligned to the you that you are now or want to become. Therefore, life is so “hard”. Together we identify conflict in this past programming and re-program this with beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions for optimal living that supports where desire to be.




I have strategies and experience to be your guide on this adventure, to help you navigate your experiences and desires with greater ease, simplicity, and joy in ways best suited for you and your circumstances.


I help you to identify and work through your individual challenges (we often do not see the things that are challenges for us personally – we think they look like something or someone else entirely different!)


I help you discover and experience more of what brings you joy, satisfaction + peace and apply strategies that work for you in your situation.


I help guide and nurture you into being a better version of yourself with greater confidence, belief in yourself, desires, and gifts and to experience your potential, and to communicate more effectively.


This is NOT a one-size fits all approach – I get to meet you right where you are, in all your glorious mess and distress, and help lift you higher and further than you believe is possible, because I see your individual potential and have a glimpse of what is possible.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – may I suggest that ‘one step’ could be a session with Erena. She has an amazing ability to ask the right questions and then listen to your thoughts before responding with lots of suggestions and guidance that will certainly help you on that journey. Erena can give you a wonderful insight into so many aspects of your journey and this is so helpful, whether it is affirming something you already know or do, or most importantly introducing you to new ideas and possibilities. Time with Erena is time well spent.”

HS, Marlborough

How it benefits you

People who don’t know how to transform their trauma will never discover that they can heal their mind, bodies, and relationships and that enriched, empowered relationships are not only possible, but can be simple, easy and fast.

Every shift and transformation you make for and in yourself impacts those around you, as you no longer struggle with day-to-day life you have more energy, simple, effective strategies and solutions for yourself and your family in daily life and its challenges.


Restore health + well-being – internal + external.


Reconnect to yourself, your partner & life in meaningful healthy ways.


Reignite your spark and your love for life and your relationships.


Discover what you really want and what you need to do to get that.


Create a thriving, enriched relationships!


Diffuse conflict + break the cycle/patterns of trauma and abuse.